Fair Prices

Fair Funerals – Lowering the cost of Funerals 


Our most simple “direct” funeral service Funeral Director fee starts at £1380-no mourners attending

  • plus third party costs, when fully paid in advance
  • these can be as little as £410 for a local unattended cremation
  • plus £164 doctors’ cremation papers if no coroner’s investigation
  • Lowest local attended cremation fee is £440
  • Our lowest Funeral Directors fee for a service attended by mourners, paid in advance is £1680, plus disbursements
  • Typical Christian minister/Non Religious celebrant rate is £210 but family/friends can carry out service, plus we may be able to find sympathetic minister at no fee, or an in-house non-religious celebrant, if available, for £100.
  • For burials – costs vary enormously – please ask us for advice, including for woodland, “unpurchased” plots, or possibility of churchyards, some depending on residency, which can bring costs down closer to cremation fees

Always check if you and your family are entitled to any DWP benefits as a result of your bereavement 0345 606 0265.

An itemised arrangement form filled in by an experienced funeral arranger at a face to face appointment is key to understanding any pricing involved, backed up with an detailed price list, which makes sense alongside an arrangement form.

We recommend that the next of kin telephones DWP on 0345 606 0265 Monday-Friday 8am-6pm to check entitlements, or visits a JobCentrePlus, and also to visit www.gov.uk/browse/benefits/bereavement

For further advice, please also visit http://fairfuneralscampaign.org.uk/sites/default/files/documents/FairFunerals_Advice_postcard.pdf

  • We provide a free funeral service for children’s funerals, and for victims of homicides, applying to local families within 3 miles of any of our offices.  There are no charges for bringing the deceased to our care from a local hospital, a simple coffin (white casket for a child), administration, funeral staff and a funeral hearse (may be substituted for a limousine in the case of a child).  Extra services are chargeable.
  • Third party costs may be additional but often there is no charge for the cremation of a child.  Many ministers and celebrants charge no fees in such tragic circumstances.