Headstones for Burials and Cremations

HeadstonesGraham Walker, Headstone Consultant, now with Harold Wood Funeral Services, is an expert stonemason. He has spent nearly 40 years helping families to successfully choose & place memorials for loved ones.

We are privileged to now work with Graham, based full-time in our Collier Row Funeral Home in 309 Collier Row Lane, RM5 3ND 01708 724064, email memorials@nullhwfunerals.co.uk.  (Parking is available on our forecourt opposite Tesco.)

Graham offers friendly, no-obligation appointments in Collier Row, or in your home if you are within a reasonable distance. 
Graham is truly an expert in every aspect of stonemasonry.  As a teenager he trained as a stonemason and carver.  Then eventually becoming a manager of a national monumental masonry company, he went on to specialise in every aspect of headstone production and installation.
We can now provide advice second to none for both burial and cremation stonemasonry, whether for placing in a cemetery, churchyard, or in a garden.
Graham Walker, alongside our colleagues, can provide
  • Estimates and quotations for new headstones and additional inscriptions, plus renovations / restorations of older monumental masonry.
  • All new headstones come with 100 letters included at no extra charge.
  • We can also advise about many types of cremation memorials, including garden birdbaths, sundials and benches.
  • We can answer any questions about headstones including:

How much does a headstone cost?

What’s the difference between marble and granite?

What’s the best type of lettering?

Can I mix and match different headstone designs?

Can I see a layout of the headstone inscription before ordering?

How long do I have to wait after a funeral?

How long do I have to wait after ordering?

How much deposit do I have to pay?

What words can I have on the headstone?

What is the difference between a lawn or traditional grave?

Can I have a headstone for ashes?

What guarantees do I have for any headstone work?

Can I email a photograph of an existing headstone to you for an estimate?

Can I have an additional inscription on my existing headstone?

How much are cemetery permits?

Please call on Graham Walker on 01708 724064 Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm, or email memorials@nullhwfunerals.co.uk.

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