Jewellery & Other Services

The Directors of Harold Wood Funeral Services are pleased to ask Wendy Kemp, Award Winning Jeweller, to choose items from her collection suitable for commemorating loved ones. Each piece is hand made to order and collected from Wendy’s Studio in East Sussex, from where we will hand deliver to your address if you are local to our premises, or post by recorded delivery.

We were impressed with the collection’s beauty, ease of daily wear and affordability. Wendy also makes a personal donation to the SANDS charity for each “Footprints” item made.

Please ask staff if you would like to see examples of this thoughtful work.
Further items can also be on from which we can take orders.

Ashes into Glass.  Keep your love one close to you always. Master Craftsmen, Bill Rhodes and James Watts create memorial jewellery and paperweights by mixing your loved one’s cremation ashes with molten crystal glass and coloured crystals. Your Ashes into Glass memorial will be as precious as the memory of your loved one.

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